Magnesium Chloride Flakes
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In the metallurgical industry, the Flakes magnesium chloride(as known as Magnesium Chloride Flakes Industry Grade, Magnesium Chloride Bulk and Magnesium Chloride Fertilizer ) is used as the binder for refractory materials and lining of the furnace, and is the material for the production of no.2 flux and the smelting of magnesium. In the chemical industry is the production of all kinds of magnesium salts. It is a protein coagulant in the food industry, producing soybean products. In the construction industry, is the production of magnesium cement raw materials, during the winter construction use of antifreeze. Cotton defoliants can be produced in agriculture. In addition, it can be used for coal mine fire proofing agent, highway dust control agent, stable soil.


1.Magnesium Chloride flakes 46% 


3.HS Code:2827310000 

4. Accept SGS inspection / CIQ 

Packaging & Shipping

Packed  in PP bags as 25kg/40kg/50kg/500kg/1000kg or

depend on customer requirement

Magnesium chloride(as known as 46% Flakes Magnesium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride White Flakes) is white flake or gray flake, easily soluble in water, in the moist air, easy to wet, decomposition of hydrogen chloride and magnesium oxide at high temperatures. 


Item White food grade White tech grade Refined tech grade
MgCl2 46.4%min 46.4%min 46%min
Ca 0.1%max 0.4%max 0.9%max
SO4- 0.4%max 0.5%max 2.5%max
Water insoulbe 0.1%max 0.2%max 0.2%max
PH 7-9 7-9 7-9
As 0.5ppm max    ----- -----
Pb 1ppm max    ------   ------
NH4 50ppm max    ------   -------


Used to make refractory material in metallurgy and make all kinds magnesium slat such as magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium carbonate, cracker kindling and raw material of antifreeze.also used in construction and food and medicine and agriculture field etc.
Stored in shady, cool and ventilated storehouse; sealed packaging container, preventing damp; separated from deliquescent goods


Q: What is yo-Are you a trade company or factoryur main product? 
A: Our main products are salt, refined salt, melting snow salt, various kinds of environment-friendly snowmelt agents, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride., etc. 

Q: How do you control the quality? 
A: Our factory is equipped with professional technicians to control quality, out inspectors take sample for testing every 2 hours to ensure the quality of our production. We also accept BV, SGS or any other Third-party inspection. 

Q: How long time you can make the shipping? 
A: We can make the shipping within 20 days after confirming the order. 

Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit the factory? 
A: Our factory located in WEIFANG, China. It is only two hours from QINGDAO.