Animals Salt Lick Block
    Publish time 2020-09-28 09:56    
Animal nutrition lick block(as known as Natural  Salt Licks, Salt Licking Block and Sodium Chloride Lick Block) has increased daily weight, milk yield and feed conversion efficiency, and is specialized in the prevention and treatment of various nutritional metabolic diseases. Increase the milk yield, weight, reproduction rate and survival rate of livestock. Promote digestion, improve the utilization of coarse fodder, and save material. It is full of nutrition, good adaptability, and also has the function of preventing disease, improving reproduction rate and immunity.


Na %≥ 35.9
Mg mg/kg≥ 200 
Mn mg/kg≥ 500
Zn mg/kg≥ 500
Cu mg/kg≥ 150
I mg/kg≥ 50
Co mg/kg≥ 25 
Se ppm≤ 0.3 
Fe mg/kg≥ 1200


5kgx4/box  20kg/box or depend on customer requirement


Strictly Deliver the goods in accodance with the contract.
Stored in shady, cool and ventilated storehouse; sealed packaging container, preventing damp; separated from deliquescent goods


Q: Are you a trade company or factory? 
A: We are a salt factory with our own trading company.

Q: What is your main product? 
A: Our main products are salt, refined salt, melting snow salt, various kinds of environment-friendly snowmelt agents, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride, etc. 

Q: How do you control the quality? 
A: Our factory is equipped with professional technicians to control quality, out inspectors take sample for testing every 2 hours to ensure the quality of our production. We also accept BV, SGS or any other Third-party inspection. 

Q: How long time you can make the shipping? 
A: We can make the shipping within 20 days after confirming the order. 

Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit the factory? 
A: Our factory located in WEIFANG, China. It is only two hours from QINGDAO.